My first Treasury in Esty

September 3, 2010

Here´s my first Treasury.
As I am a new member of Etsy I want to try to make a Treasury. For me it´s another great reason to be a part of the Etsy community and it gives me another opportunity to play with colours. This Treasury is made with mint green items because it´s one of my favorite colour.

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Medusa earrings

August 31, 2010

Are you looking for something new and not so ordinary, something outstanding?

Let me introduce to you, the one and only… Medusa earrings.
These earrings are inspired by Medusa. In Greek mythology Medusa “guardian, protectress” was a Gorgon, a chthonic female monster, and a daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, gazing directly upon her would turn onlookers to stone. She was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who afterwards used her head as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield. In classical antiquity the image of the head of Medusa appeared in the evil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion.

Why Medusa? because I usually know very well how my new creation is going to look like but not this time. This time I just took my materials and started to make something out, so I even can say that these earrings are very unexpected, they surprised me. It´s not the only reason. Since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated by mythological creatures and the darker wire reminds me of Medusa´s hair. Medusa had snakes for hair.

Below is the picture of  Medusa made by Caravaggio who is one of my favourite Italian artists. I love his paintings and how he described the game of light and shadow.  His realistic works often featured violent struggles, grotesque decapitation, torture and death.

Medusa by Caraviggo 1595

Medusa by Caravaggio 1595

These are hanging earrings

These are hanging earrings

Made with dark oxidized sterling silver wrapped around silver wire. Glass stones are matched with a big grey moonstone.

Made with dark oxidized sterling silver wrapped around silver wire. Glass stones are matched with a big grey moonstone.

I have some feathers stood in the closet for a long time and I haven´t found the opportunity to use them. Then one day, as I was searching for material at my nearby art goods store I had an idea. They sell wooden blanks which you can use for many things. I bought these little blanks and some lovely acrylic colours which fitted fine with feathers. I went home and started to figure out what to do next.

Things you will need

Make sure that you have everything before getting started!


Small wooden blanks.

Acrylic colours. I got Wedding pink, Water green and Sun yellow.

Synthetic hair brush. It should be made with synthetic hair because it  gives you a smoother finish than other brushes.

And of course you´ll also need some earring wires, transparent varnish and  hot glue pistol.

Next you should:

Colour blanks

Apply some transparent varnish

Glue the feathers to blanks. Use a hot glue pistol.

I hope you remember that before adding new layer of colour or varnish you should let the first layer dry completely!

Finally add earring wires. I used the most simple ones. And here they are, ready to wear.

I think this is a GREAT gift idea. I’m going to make many of these and give them as Christmas and birthday gifts. All you family members out there, ignore what you just read! 😆

Wedding pink

Water green

Sun yellow

Colored feathers

August 17, 2010

I found these coloured feathers and I thought: ” What should I do with them?”  Well…maybe trying to do some jewellery out of them later.

But at the moment, I´ll just enjoy them as background decorations.

Made with pink onyx and yellow jade beads

Long playful earrings inispired by seashells

Made with turkish blue chalcedony and milky opal bead

New August collection

August 9, 2010

Now I will share some of my new goodies with you. As you can see, I love to use light bright sparkling colours, especially I like to use opal stone, it´s my favourite.

But I also adore darker colours. A friend of mine who is a fashion designer said that black will be always in fashion…she´s right. Black absorbs light and is hands-down the most stylish and timeless color in the world of fashion.

I use:

  • glass beads
  • semi-precious stones
  • gold/silver plated metal
  • coloured metal


Crackle finish technique

August 6, 2010

As you remember, my earlier post´s subject was about decorating wooden earrings. Today I will tell you how to make similar ones using crackle technique. It is very easy to do but you need to gather a bit of patience. 🙂

Things you will need:

What you should do?

  • Apply a thin coat of lighter acrylic colour on the earrings mixed with the step 1 crackle medium 50:50.  NB! Before each next step, let them dry!
  • Place the motif on the earrings (use only the upper layer) with the right side up and fix with napkin varnish brushing from the centre outwards.
  • Then add some darker pink colour around the motif.
  • Apply a thick coat of step 2 crackle medium around the motif.
  • To give shine, you can add a thin coat of glue varnish when all is done and the last layer of crackle medium is completely dry.

And here is the result:

Hello everybody!

So today I will tell you how I and my friend Kersti went to the Kadrioru park. It is a great place where  to spend time with your friends, have a walk by the seaside or just  have a picnic with your family. 😉

Here  is a picture of Kadrioru palace I took:

But this is not what I want to tell about. We took some photos of jewellery and here you can see a photo of me. Hello! 🙂

I am wearing my handmade wooden earrings.

To make similar ones you need:

  • Wooden blanks
  • A napkin
  • Some acrylic colours
  • Transparent glitter colour
  • And a glue varnish

What you need to do?

  • Apply a thin coat of white acrylic colour on the earrings.  NB! Before each next step, let them dry!
  • Place the motif on the earrings (use only the upper layer) with the right side up and fix with napkin varnish brushing from the centre outwards.
  • Add some black colour around the motive.
  • Put some glitter colour on.
  • And finally apply a thin coat of varnish again. The last layer of varnish will fix the glitter paint.

So they will look like on the photo below:


August 2, 2010

So today I made my first lightbox. I used a big cardboard box and a calque. Lightbox can be very helpful if you want to get simple and effective pictures. It provides light diffusion and a uniform background against which to place your piece. You can put some daylight lamps outside the box and lighten your box outside through the calque so the light inside the box would no be too sharp. If you head the lamp directly on your pieces, the light will be too sharp and then some ugly shadows are the result.

Here is the example lightbox picture with my handmade bracelet .

Well it is quite OK but I have to say that I still prefer scattered sunlight like on the picture below.

This picture was taken in a large studio. We have there a large spacious windows with white blinds. Because it was a very sunny day, I let the blinds down, so the light was soft but still bright for taking photos.

If you want to make your own lightbox then you can find a tutorial HERE!!!

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