New semi precious stones

August 27, 2010

This morning  there was a new maxi letter with set of stones looking back at me in my mailbox. It´s always nice surprise to open your mailbox door and there they are, your new pretties. Awesome! That’s why I like to order stuff with post because you´ll never know when you get it and it is so exciting to wait and check you mailbox every morning. Are they arrived yet?

These new stones are especially delicious. A set consists of howlite turquoise, white jade and opal beads. I put that set up based on a howlite turquoise.

Howlite Gemstone meaning

They say that turquoise is suitable for elder and experienced people who have already achieved something in life. Maybe people over 50 years. But you don´t have to be 50 to wear them. 🙄 I think this blue and purple turquoise is also very suitable for younger people too.

But I like these pink opal beads most – when I took them out of the package, I had almost passed out.

Girls buy clothes and make up, I buy stones…Well, pretty stones 😉


Round pink opal, white jade and howlite turquoise




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