Crackle finish technique

August 6, 2010

As you remember, my earlier post´s subject was about decorating wooden earrings. Today I will tell you how to make similar ones using crackle technique. It is very easy to do but you need to gather a bit of patience. 🙂

Things you will need:

What you should do?

  • Apply a thin coat of lighter acrylic colour on the earrings mixed with the step 1 crackle medium 50:50.  NB! Before each next step, let them dry!
  • Place the motif on the earrings (use only the upper layer) with the right side up and fix with napkin varnish brushing from the centre outwards.
  • Then add some darker pink colour around the motif.
  • Apply a thick coat of step 2 crackle medium around the motif.
  • To give shine, you can add a thin coat of glue varnish when all is done and the last layer of crackle medium is completely dry.

And here is the result:


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