How to decorate wooden earrings?

August 4, 2010

Hello everybody!

So today I will tell you how I and my friend Kersti went to the Kadrioru park. It is a great place where  to spend time with your friends, have a walk by the seaside or just  have a picnic with your family. 😉

Here  is a picture of Kadrioru palace I took:

But this is not what I want to tell about. We took some photos of jewellery and here you can see a photo of me. Hello! 🙂

I am wearing my handmade wooden earrings.

To make similar ones you need:

  • Wooden blanks
  • A napkin
  • Some acrylic colours
  • Transparent glitter colour
  • And a glue varnish

What you need to do?

  • Apply a thin coat of white acrylic colour on the earrings.  NB! Before each next step, let them dry!
  • Place the motif on the earrings (use only the upper layer) with the right side up and fix with napkin varnish brushing from the centre outwards.
  • Add some black colour around the motive.
  • Put some glitter colour on.
  • And finally apply a thin coat of varnish again. The last layer of varnish will fix the glitter paint.

So they will look like on the photo below:


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